Choose your partner carefully, because from this decision you will have either happiness or misery. The first thing to bear in mind when you choose a partner is that you are choosing many things: your intimate partner; your talking buddy; your eating companion; your parenting partner; your career counselor; your travel, leisure, and retirement friend; and someone you will see when you are in your best and bad moods. Being aware of that is like being aware of what you want to go into, and it will serve as a guide in any decision you want to take. You can use these ten-point checks to make your choice:

Physical attributes of your prospective partner

You cannot make the right choice if you do not know what you want. Knowledge of what you want will enable you judge correctly when you see what you do not want. Ask yourself, how do I want my partner to look? If you can answer this simple question correctly, then you will be one step closer to what you really want. Do not choose one whose physical attributes do not meet your specification, unless one has other good qualities which can compensate for that. How can you know that one has good qualities when your focus here is on vetting one’s physical attributes if they appeal to you?