Be careful when you choose a partner because we have two sets of people in a dating game: the good guys and the bad guys.

The good guys exhibit good traits and think good within them than you can see in their physical attributes. Sometimes, this goodness makes them timid and they are liable to make mistakes when they are on their first dates. On the other hand, the bad guys exhibit good traits but think bad within them than you can observe in their physical features. Always, they are smart and know every word that their dates want to hear when they are on their first dates.

The Hidden Trap

Many people, especially woman, fall into this trap on their first dates and make mistakes. Let us assume a woman has a first date with a good man in a restaurant. At the restaurant she notices that the man does not charm her the way she expects, even though the man has other characteristics which are appealing to her. She takes a decision right there and decides not to go ahead with him. She keeps another date in the restaurant with a bad guy and falls in love with him right there because of his eloquence and his ability to fulfill her first-date expectations.  Suddenly, after a few dates with the bad guy, she cries of heartbreak and wonders why a guy she loved so much would treat her as if he never cared, even though he had said that many times. Truth is bitter, and the truth is that the bad guy wanted her for only a few dates, nothing more. What is the way forward? You will get an update on Sunday.