The Smart Animal

The smart animal knows how to avoid a hidden trap, no matter how it appears. Also, the smart animal knows how to spot the hidden good in one on a first date, no matter how timid and annoying one is. To do this, the smart animal employs what I call “The Correct Fire Brigade Approach”.

This approach is all about having the foresight to judge one by one’s words without being fooled by one’s lies or moods, and having the ability to string one along without getting hurt.

Step 1: Be nice. Being nice is like being a sniper. A sniper aims at a target for a good shot. Chat with your date and ask questions when you think you have to.

Step 2: Smile and make eye contact even if you do not feel it. You can change the way one plans to treat you by just doing that.

Step 3: Be patient. This trait will help you to listen and look one in the eye, as if one has something else to say.

Step 4: Be able to tell what you have that one does not have. In that way, you will know how to help your relationship grow.

Step 5: Be flexible but do not involve in sex until you are sure of one. It will increase one’s desire to know you.

You will get more on Wednesday.