The two-way chemistry

The instant chemistry you feel for your prospective spouse on your first date, or at the first time you meet, does not give an assurance that he or she feels the same for you. You will make a mistake by concluding that your prospective spouse is attracted to you simply because you are attracted to him or her. You know yourself, and you are sure of what you feel inside, but you need some time to be sure of what your prospective spouse feels. So, be observant as you string yourselves along. Relationship or marriage is about two people, not about one person.

Double-checking your views

Over excitement about your blooming relationship can make you attach sentiments in your analysis of its true nature.   Your opinion about your potential spouse is very important but do not make your big decision without letting trusted members of your family or friends weigh in on your relationship. You will have some vital clues about your prospective spouse when you do that. Introduce him or her to them after a few dates, and you will be glad you did if they gave you their sincere observations. Their contributions will either increase your confidence in the relationship, or warn you about an impending danger which is not visible to you.

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