Choosing A Partner (Dating Experience)-POST 8

The dating experience of your prospective partner

Experience is a key to life’s solution. Marriage is a part of life, and the knowledge of how to respond to issues you may have with your spouse in order to avoid an escalation is very useful to its growth. This knowledge might come after you have been in a few serious relationships, since you might not get good at something until you have done it many times. Unfortunately, most people marry in their first serious relationships, or they may not have a chance to be in more than a few before they settle down for marriage. Ensure that you know the dating experience of your prospective partner with respect to partnership persona before you can judge what he or she is capable of. With this knowledge, you can tell who is naive, and who is a professional, after a few chats with him or her.

Rule 1: Don’t assume that because your prospective partner is romantic, or very good in bed, he or she is experienced in the act of marriage.

Rule 2: Don’t think that a beginner or a person who has not had a relationship before cannot make a good marriage. Be yourself and let your prospective spouse be himself or herself too. The good thing about having freedom of expression in your relationship is that you will get to see who your prospective spouse really is.