Choosing A Partner (The Sting)-POST 10

Sources of Distraction (The Sting)

Use this point for your final check with respect to some of the things you hate about your spouse. Ask yourself this question:

Can you cope with those things?

Little things can put us off in a relationship. What puts you off? Are there things your prospective spouse does that make you sad? Does your prospective spouse have hard rules to some of the things you do and he or she would not budge or change any, even if you asked him or her to? How does your prospective spouse use his or her phone, computer, and other electronic gadgets in your presence? How does your prospective spouse interact with you in your good and bad moods? Find an answer to each of these questions and you will know whether to spend your future with him or her. The truth is that some bad habits sting like a bee. In other words, they hurt the heart, mind, and head. Talk to your prospective spouse about the need to stop any off-putting habit if you think it is the only thing that stands between both of you.

Rule 1: You must be sure that you can cope with the bad habits of your prospective spouse before you can make your final decision.

Rule 2: Don’t think that you can make your prospective spouse discard his or her bad habits when both of you are married. It may be impossible after marriage to change what you could not when you were in a relationship with him or her.

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