Dealing with Lust in your Love Affair

Lust in a love affair is that hunger for excitements. Be ready to deal with it when you choose a partner because it makes you think you are in love when you are only fond of that person. Falling in love takes time, so lust usually comes first in the tree of life and love. When two people accept to date, they start by exhibiting their positive qualities, going for sightseeing, and doing everything to be happy. Starting a relationship this way makes the two involved to bask only on the aftermath of their positive contributions to the growth of their union. At this point, they will misconstrue the love and happiness they share for being in love with each other, even without knowing each other’s repulsive deeds. The truth is that two people in a relationship could never fall in love if they did not have a taste of each other’s off-putting attitudes. Knowledge of those distasteful traits will make them either fulfilled or unfulfilled.

A relationship will fail once one person, or the two involved are unfulfilled. It will succeed only when the two partners are fulfilled. What this means is that if two people who lust after each other get married, their daily interactions must make them familiar with each other. Being familiar with each other is being aware of their positive and negative traits. That is the ultimate point because they will know immediately what obstacle lies ahead, and whether they can cope with it. They will fall in love if they can cope, but they will breakup if they cannot. Their true marriage begins once they are in love, since they will marry for a common goal at this point.

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