Welcome to lovehappily.wordpress.com!

I am pleased to have you here. This is the right site for you if you want to learn more about how to engage in a healthy relationship with your partner. The topics center on the little things that make a relationship fail and the little things that make it work.

In every relationship, each partner has something to offer. What do you offer?

This question might seem very simple, but does what you offer make your partner cry or laugh?

You need to know, if not you will not know how you affect your partner. And the result of not knowing how you affect your partner is that you would breakup sooner than you envisaged.

Who I am

Call me Paul. My author’s name is P. A. Owala.

P. A. Owala is the Author of the books: Marry Me: How You Make Love to Me; I Know Why You Broke Up with your Spouse; White Man’s Footprint, and Ladies of The Woods. He worked as a Piping Engineer for an EPC company in Nigeria for a few years and then relocated to Germany in 2010 for his MSc. in Metallurgical Engineering and had his major in Materials Science of Steel. Presently, he works and takes delight in his spare time at home, nurturing his hobby as a writer.


I am ambitious and very optimistic about the future, and I hope that one day I will be able to affect people positively, with my writings.


I have a good disposition and an infectious smile.

What I like

I like to meet people especially those who can impact my life positively. I like my friends, and I give them the honour that they deserve.

I like to see two people in a happy relationship.

What I don’t like

I don’t like when people in a relationship cry of heartbreak.

How I spend my free time

I have a very active spare time, and I indulge in personal development through reading, writing, and travelling. In addition, I use this time to inspire others by my unequivocal level of motivation in my daily activities. I keep fit by exercising daily, and I love chess game.

Why I am Here

I am here to let the world know what I do, to let those in relationships know that there are potent ways to make them have that happiness which was the sole reason why they chose to have partners.

I am here also to enhance my online presence.

What I blog about

I write about Marriage and Relationship. Little things matter in a relationship and how they affect the bond which you and your partner share is what matters to you.

Who I will like to connect with via my blog

I write, and I want to be read. This blog is for you if you plan to find a partner someday for a healthy and a romantic relationship.

I will appreciate an interactive session with you. Feel free to express your opinion: Criticize me constructively as well as tell me what you liked, and what you didn’t. Let me know that you stopped by my blog. Your contribution is very important to me. Let us do this together. There is a lot to gain in sharing knowledge.

What I hope to have accomplished if I blog successfully throughout the next one year

The reason why two people in search of true love come together to form a partner is because they want to be happy.

I want aspiring couples and those that are already in a relationship to have the happiness they desire, by opening their eyes to the things that seem little in a relationship but have the capacity to destroy it.

I want them to have the working solution to the one thing almost everyone wants a genuine answer to–marriage.

I want to have followers, and also to be able to follow talented bloggers.

How often do I post?

Post on Working Relationships: Wednesdays and Sundays.

Post on Love Poems: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Post on Love Stories (fiction): Mondays and Fridays.

Thank you for stopping by. Have fun.

Yours sincerely,


17 responses to “About

  1. You have a great blog Paul. Where were you 44 years ago when I needed you? ha ha

    No, my wife and I been married 44 years and no one’s committed murder at our house yet, thought about it maybe but were still together, trying to do it right.

    Thanks for visiting my blog, hope you found something there of encouragement that you might share with someone else. As you can see I have had a wide variety of jobs and experiences in my life. that has given me some things to write about. I just hope someone will find something to share with someone else. I do believe that is what blogging is all about. Who knows if we all work hard at it, might make this world a better place yet. Would that be quite a peaceful revolution?
    Best wishes in your work.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for visiting my blog. Yes, I found something inspiring on your blog. I liked your story and the ease with which I read through the content. Wow, 44 years of marriage? Good! I love that. The world or the children of this new generation need people like you to tell them what it takes to manage a marriage so that it can last more than 10 years. There’s a lot of divorce stories in the world, and that makes people scared to start a marital life. I am using my blog to spread that information which will remind them that there are little things in marriage which should not be ignored because they are fraught with hidden meanings. More so, I want them to know that anchoring on sex alone in a relationship will only lead to it’s doom. I could go on and on, but the main point is that we have to get it right the first time, and that is when we make a choice for a partner. The truth is that from that choice we could have misery or happiness.
      Sure, there’s a lot to share there. People will identify with your blog. I will like to read more of your post. An idea can change the world as well as the way a man thinks. Our efforts are not in vain. The information will help someone somewhere. Don’t stop writing. If they don’t find it today, they will find it tomorrow. Just keep up with the good contents and the readership will increase. Thanks for the wishes. I wish you the same and best of lucks in the blogging class.


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