If I Were Her Hubby

Caucasian young couple in love walking on city street - Outdoors

If I were her hubby, I’d be lovely,

Make her my queen, her looks sixteen and clean;

I’d gild her crown, take her to town with glee,

Sing and cling to her, as seen on my screen.

If I were her hubby, I’d make her laugh,

Won’t act out of spite, despite her glitches;

Above all, love her in full, not in half,

And celebrate her birth where she chooses;

I won’t push her aside, or leave her side,

Fail to provide for her and our children,

Or torment her to dent her well-prized pride,

Even if she’s stiff, sick, thick, and barren.

In fact, in life, we will be the happiest

Until I lie still in furrows of dust.

Copyright © 2016 by P. A. Owala

All rights reserved.