Why are you dating, or why are you married to your spouse?


Sonnenuntergang, Wandern, Unterberghorn, Tirol, Österreich


This question is simple but very challenging if a couple finds it hard to bond together as one.

Two people start a relationship, or go into marriage, to be happy. No one will ever agree to live with anyone who has the inclination to make one unhappy for as long as they are together, unless one or both of them have hidden agendas.

Sadness is not an option, but it is inevitable every so often in one’s marital life.

The ability of a couple to manage crisis and disputes effectively is a plus to their communication and their desire to live together happily.

Only when they find happiness in their union, can they truly benefit from other things which they had in mind for becoming partners.



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9 responses to “Why are you dating, or why are you married to your spouse?

  1. Yours is a nice post. Marriage is for the happiness and well being of the spouses. It’s sad that many marriages do not attain this objective because of lack of know-how. I give marriage counselling and it is always a joy to help a couple find joy in their marital relationship.

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