I Love Poetry (Blogging 101 Task of the Day)


Poetry is difficult to understand sometimes because very often its language is indirect. The busy reader wants to read through a write-up and understand it’s meaning without doing any extra work, and sometimes avoids poetry since it demands commitment and energy.

The truth is that apart from the hidden meanings of verses, poetry offers a beautiful sound of language and an emotional insight in the subject matter, drawn from the poet’s perspective.

The poem “Keep Personalizing” is a beautiful expression of love. I was drawn to it as soon as I set my eyes on it. The poet, Ma Socorro, uses words and sound of language to express the thoughts of someone feeling highly loved and content enough to give reasons for being in such a beautiful mood.

Some beautiful ones don’t like stain

Tolu liked to associate with good-looking people. He would never consider friendship with anyone whose looks did not appeal to him. He would move around town with his friends to let everyone know that he had lovely people around him. His definition of ugly was ugly, and that heightened his pomposity and his overzealousness in his inclination to love only those that looked lovely.

One day, he went on a jaunt to the woods, with ten of his friends. He was so drunk that he did not see the small muddy pond, hidden beside a brush, and in the next moment he ended up inside.

“Help me,” he cried out. Only his head and hands were visible, and they were completely soiled with mud.

His friends squirmed backwards in anxiety, confused of what to do.

“Help me, please,” he continued, but none of them was ready to make the first move.

“Try and stay afloat while I go call for help,” one of them said. “It’s a dirty pond and we don’t want to get stained.”

“Help me, I’m dying!”

The young man that responded to the call was dazed as he heard the clamour of the voices of the nine people standing by the pond.

“I thought you needed help,” he said to Tolu, “but now I can see that you don’t. If ten people cannot help you, what can one person do? I’m sorry.” He turned and sauntered away.

Tolu’s eyes widened in pain as it dawned on him that he had substituted inward worth for fine outward appearances.


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How do you want to make your partner happy?

Ask yourself this question and come up with a sincere answer.

Do you have any strategy in mind?

You need to have a strategy, or your own unique way of going about that, despite your occasional failures.

The deal is, you must try to do what brings happiness and be ready to make amends if your spouse misinterprets your actions.

The days are gone when people go into marriage without knowledge of how to make their spouses happy, other than the knowledge of how much sex they would have.

Marriage is much more than that. Think about that.