Saying You Are Sorry

Saying Sorry


Be sure that you are truly sorry, and henceforth you are ready to do the right thing, if you must apologize for your wrongs. Saying you are sorry all the time over one problem can mean many things to your spouse:

Firstly, your spouse may think that you are taking him or her for granted and such feelings have the power of making the person to not see anything good in what you are doing because you are not on the same page. The person might take you for granted as well, or react aggressively and an argument might ensue.

Lastly, you may be sending the message that you are not responsible, not good for any sane person, and not open to change, which most people are willing to do for the better way forward when they are with someone they cherish.

Different people can feel different things, but the result of singing “I’m sorry” all the time over one issue usually send wrong signals to your spouse.


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8 responses to “Saying You Are Sorry

  1. I agree, saying that you’re sorry should be like “I know what I did was wrong and I feel bad that I hurt you and I won’t do it again” as oppose to “I will just say sorry later, its easier to ask for forgiveness than permission”. Thanks for sharing this!

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