The problems you and your partner have would remain unresolved when you have done wrong and have refused to apologize.

This kind of behaviour causes friction in your relationship, and the consequence is detrimental to the growth of your union.

Small insignificant things matter.

For a healthy relationship, ensure that you take responsibilities for your actions and apologize in good time.

Don’t keep doing what you are sorry for.




4 responses to “Unapologetic

  1. It’s usually the small things that are and are not said or done that matter so much when looking for a reason to stay/leave a relationship.

    It’s actually not about saying sorry or apologizing at all… it’s just about love. Do we love the person? Where there’s love, there is no place for ego, power control, and pain.

    If here is love, respect and acceptance in a relationship, there would be no need for apologies.

    The thing is, these days we pay so much more attention to physical appearance, charm, financial and professional status and the number of friends a person has on facebook.

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    • Yes, you are right. It is all about love. And it begins from our choices of partners and the criteria we used for making those choices. The thing is that a lot of people focus more on resume, appearance, and other things, like you rightly said earlier. I like your comment, and I hope you can take a look at my post “choosing a partner (Part 1 to 11)”. Your comment is just a summary of what those posts are all about. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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