You Have Found Your Dream Partner, What Happens Next?





The idea that you have finally settled down with your dream partner is not enough to give you the happiness you desire in your relationship, but your readiness to do everything possible to keep that person, bearing in mind that you are together to have only the fulfillment that comes when you are happy together. 

You will enjoy many things, including the additional support of your spouse, and can be in your best mood when you are happy in your relationship or marriage. In this mood, you will have a renewed strength to glide through life with ease daily.

The truth is that you will not think about having problems with your partner on the day you decide to be together, or in the early part of your union, if you are sincere with your feelings. But you may see it happening in the future depending on how you interact.

The question is: Why would anything go wrong when you are married to or in a relationship with the person you love?

Two people mean two feelings even when they are joined in marriage (or love) as one. That means they have to connect to be able to perform the functions of being married, or being in love. And interaction is the only sure way to it.

How then do you interact?

To be continued in my next post.


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4 responses to “You Have Found Your Dream Partner, What Happens Next?

  1. Hi! Reading your blog has been giving me perspective, it’s been effective helping me heal and I’ve forced myself me to answer some uncomfortable questions about my relationship… thanks 🙂

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