How do you interact so that your relationship or marriage can move forward? (Part 1)




How you interact with your partner can determine how happy or sad both of you are going to be. Wrong interactions between a couple can make them doubt the purpose of their union and if they ever liked each other before they came together.

What do you say to your spouse daily?

Do you have time to talk about yourselves or share your personal problems? Or do you just talk about other happenings in the world and consider your personal problems your privacy?

You cannot achieve much in your relationship or marriage if you do not know how to interact with your partner.

Whatever you deemed meaningless while you were single becomes meaningless-plus-additional comments when you are in a serious relationship, or when you are married, since you are now two-in-one.

That means you do not have to consider only what you think about, but what your partner thinks as well. That’s where arguments start because his or her opinions may be different from yours.

So how do you interact, and at the same time carry your partner along?

To do that effectively, you must first do the followings:

Change your mind set

Change your mindset from being single to being with someone; it will help you think about two people instead of one. Your new mindset should help shape your comments, actions, looks, and daily plans, in a way that should make you feel you are responsible. It should give you the composure which will prepare you to care for your partner and be open to the care you will get in return.

To be continued in Part Two.


Copyright © 2016 by P. A. Owala

All rights reserved.





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