To Love Is To Live (A Short Story)



“I’ve never been in love with a woman before,” Mako told Lordso, the wise man that lived in the woods, a short distance away from his neighbourhood.

“Have you been in a relationship before?” Lordso asked and puffed away at his tobacco pipe, sitting on an easy-chair in front of his old cottage.

“Yes. I’ve dated three women in my life.”

“Wow, three women? Did any of them fall in love with you?”


“But why, what did you do with them?”

“I cared for them.”

“Was that all?”


“If you’ve the chance again to be with them, let them care for you of their own volition.”

“But that’s impossible? They would kill me if they had the chance.”

“But why would they kill you if you cared for them?”

“I took advantage of their situations.”

“If you’ve the chance again, care for them without seeking anything in return. By doing so, you’ll create that aura which will make them care for you in return. They’ll love you, and you’ll love them.”

“I’ll try that right away with one of them.”

“Go ahead, son.  To love is to live. If you find love, you’ve found life.”


Copyright © 2016 by Love Talk

             All rights reserved.


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