She loved them but couldn’t date any of them (Short Story)

Jane, Steve, and Simon, were friends since childhood.

They were so close that they ended up studying the same course in the same university.

Jane liked Steve and Simon very much, and she suddenly realized that she was interested in both of them.

Steve and Simon also wanted her as much as she wanted them, but the truth was that each of them was afraid of what the outcome would be since they were like a brother to her.

One day, Jane introduced Stephan to Steve and Simon as her new boyfriend. But the truth was that she did not like Stephan as much as she liked them.

If you were Steve or Simon, what would you have done before she had a boyfriend?

And if you were Jane, what would you have done before you chose to take Stephan as your boyfriend?


I welcome your opinions. Thank you.


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11 responses to “She loved them but couldn’t date any of them (Short Story)

  1. Hello, Dear paul!
    it’s a wonderful story.
    and If I were one of the guys, I would have told her about my feelings.
    because I think the pain of regret is worse than the pain of failure. 🙂

    and if I were jane, I would have set back and analysed my feelings because it’s hardly possible to like two persons equally. there are always some differences. on the basis of my analysis, I would have chosen one of them.

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    • Your opinion is correct. For the two guys, I believe baring their feelings to her should have gone a long way to make her consider what she really feels for them. For Jane, she should have given one of them a green light. Like you rightly said, it’s hard to like two people equally. Thank you for your contribution.

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  2. Yeah, I agree. We all have our foibles, but sometimes we are to blame if we didn’t act when we are supposed to act since we might not get what we wanted, which was exactly what happened to the three friends. 🙂


  3. I definitely feel like the guys should have spoke up and expressed their feelings. Even if the outcome wasn’t in their favor, at least they wouldn’t be left wondering. As far as Jane .. She probably should have taken a step back to examine her feelings. Aside from it not being fair to herself to explore her feelings, it’s also not fair to her new boyfriend. What happens if his feelings grow?

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    • You are very right, Christina. Each of them had a share of the blame. Jane had the power to do more but she didn’t, and her moves was also not fair to her new boyfriend because she didn’t like him that much.

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