The Stranger on the Phone Part 2 (Short Story)


She flipped her suitcase open on the bed, took her clothes from the wardrobe, and shoved them inside. Her mind was in severe torture, even though she was not alone. She took her black handbag on one hand, her suitcase on the other, and stepped towards the door. The men followed her. Suddenly, her phone rang. She ignored it, but the look on the men’s face meant that she should do something about it. She composed herself as she raised the phone from her handbag, but on sighting the caller ID her eyes went blank. Why is he calling again? The thought rankled in her brain.

“Is there something wrong, madam?” Thomas asked.

She held forth her phone, and Thomas reached for it.

“Should I answer the call?”

She nodded, curious to know what Jack was going to tell him.

Thomas put the call on speaker. “Hello,” he drawled.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” Jack began, “I guess I called the wrong number. I was expecting to hear a woman’s voice.”

“Actually, the owner of the phone is a lady, but right now she’s not in the position to talk to anyone.”

“I want to assume that we’re both talking about Tricia.”

Thomas glanced at her, and she nodded in the affirmative.

“Yes, her name is Tricia.”

“We’d an appointment for 9 pm, but her phone was engaged at that time so I couldn’t reach her.”

Tricia was tempted to speak with him, but on a second thought she withdrew from the idea. Is he telling the truth? If yes, who was the other Jack, that strange man that spoke to her even after she had cut the call? Those questions spun in her mind.

“Please may I know who I’ve been speaking with?”


“Please do tell her that I called.”

“I will.”


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Just a Stone

texture-pack-11-preview (2)

I found a stone without a bone

This helpless substance without life

Body smooth, hard and pretty

Sparkles without a face

Changing positions without legs or hands

Helpful to man but can’t help itself

A stone, just a stone

But it has something good to offer

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Your actions toward your partner



What you do towards your partner has the tendency to either uplift or tamp them down more than what others do to them.

You cannot be with someone and expect not to affect them in anyway, or expect other’s actions to impact them more than yours do.

The question is: How do you want to affect your partner?

The fact that your partner has given you their hearts by choosing to be with you means that they will be very hurt or highly encouraged when you make them feel worthless or something meaningful, respectively.

My advice is: Make them feel meaningful because it will only pay you, no matter how you look at it.


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