Just A Stove

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Just a stove

Yes, a stove

But within it lies warmth

The warmth of a burning fire

Or a hot water

That reaches out with care and love

Warming us up in our homes

Or we will be cold

Just a stove

Yes, a stove

But it gives us comfort in winter

Just a stove

Yes, a stove

But it’s our friend

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The Stranger On The Phone Part 3 (Short Story)

“Thank you, Thomas,” she said.

“My pleasure.”

He handed the phone to her, and she put it inside her handbag in a way that showed that she was afraid of holding it. Henry locked the door of the room, and in the next few moments they were at the reception. The receptionist Hertice, a young woman, was on the phone. Tricia glanced at the ID card hooked to her white long sleeve shirt on the upper side of her right breast and smiled at her.

Hertice smiled too, concluded her phone conversation, and stepped towards the front desk. “Are you Okay Madam, we heard your scream?” Hertice said.

“I’m fine, but I’m afraid I have to check out right away.”

Hertice looked through Tricia’s profile on the computer in front of her. “You still have three days to check out,” Hertice said. “Is there something we should know about?”

“No, Hertice. Something came up, and I have to leave.”

“Okay, do you need a Taxi?”

“Yes, I do.”

Hertice made a fast call, filled out a form on the computer, and printed it out. “The taxi will be here in 3 minutes.”

“Thank you.”

Tricia paid the bill with her bank card, signed a few papers, and left the hotel in mixed feelings, confused about how the night was going to end. The environment was well lit with lampposts. The sky was dark, but several stars were visible. In no time, a taxi slowed down in front of her. A man in uniform put her suitcase in the boot of the cab, and she sat at the back seat.

“Tilton Hotel.”

The driver engaged the gear and slowly drove the vehicle out of the compound of the exquisite hotel. The scenery was beautiful.


Copyright © 2016 by Love Talk

All rights reserved.