Just A Stove

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Just a stove

Yes, a stove

But within it lies warmth

The warmth of a burning fire

Or a hot water

That reaches out with care and love

Warming us up in our homes

Or we will be cold

Just a stove

Yes, a stove

But it gives us comfort in winter

Just a stove

Yes, a stove

But it’s our friend

Copyrightย ยฉย 2016 by Love Talk

All rights reserved.

20 responses to “Just A Stove

  1. We have a Stove with a hot plate on the farm, it really does become the heart of the home in winter, with a stovetop kettle on an ever rolling boil, we cook on the top of it warm plates above it and talk around and about it. The stove becomes a ritual of winter and is missed in summer.

    Thank you for your recent likes on our WordPress site we now feel that our writing is getting noticed, keep up the good work.

    Wayne a Farmer who should get out more….

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    • You are welcome. Yes, I can’t take my stove off my mind as the cold gets stronger. In summer I barely look its way. Thanks so much for stopping by and sharing your beautiful thoughts. I love your writings and always hanker for more daily.

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