Daily Prompt: Stat Connection


Our posts are like the goods in a marketplace

Which a seller displays beautifully to attract buyers,

And sometimes makes a promotional move

Or does something extra to attract them.

There are times when our posts are successful

And there are times when they aren’t.

The difference between them comes with a great challenge:

Post a good content because that’s the food of the day-

A hungry man is an angry man

And that may cost you a like or a comment.

Post when the peak is high

Because time is the only thing we share in common

Yet we spend it differently.

Post and act like the seller of goods:

Do something extra by visiting other blogs

Because that’s where the buyers of your post are.

Read a post, share it, like it or make a comment

Because that’s how you interact with a buyer for your post.

They will come looking for you

Because there’s love in supporting one another.

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This post is in response to the daily prompt: Stat Connection

Love Quote of the Day: Smile!


Smile, smile, smile

And let that be for you.

Smile smile smile

And let that be for me.

Take it with you to bed.

Take it with you to work.

In fact, take it with you everywhere

‘Cause Love can’t be ignited

Without a smile.

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All rights reserved.

The Stranger On The Phone Part 4 (Short Story)

Istanbul had become a business hub 1990. Tricia was among the many Americans that frequent the city for business. She was a beginner in the fashion trade, and she always dreamed of the day her company would become a household name in the world. She had a humble beginning, had had her own share of suffering, and now was determined to grow her business.

She checked into Tilton hotel, hoping to have a quiet night where she could sleep like a baby in spite of her troubled state of mind. The executive room had a stunning decor. She took a fast shower, donned an attractive flowery nightgown, and reclined on the plush bed. The song “If I Give My Heart To You” by Doris Day was playing in the background from the sound system in a corner, and before long she dozed off.

She stood still as she met two men on the doorway at the facade of the hotel on her way out. The two men looked exactly like Jack, the man she met on the plane. She gazed at them in bewilderment unable to move, but within a minute she noticed the head of the one at her left-hand side melt away, and she rushed into the arms of the one at her right-hand. He stabbed her three times on her back. She screamed herself out of the horrible nightmare, held her face in despair afraid that her encounter with the two men had dented her subconscious.

            Who’s jack? Who’s he?

Those statements repeatedly took the place of the lyrics of the song in the background. She dashed towards the sound system and turned it off, breathing helplessly. The well decorated room seemed untidy in her eyes. Her face was everywhere on the wall, and at that point she realized that she might run mad if she didn’t do something about her predicament. She took her phone from her handbag and dialed the number of her mother Jane, sitting down on the bed.

“Hello Tricia.”

“Hi mum.”




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