Daily Prompt: Sudden Shift


Photo: Courtesy: Lilya Goppe

This is summer joy:

The sizzling heat is cozy

The wind dabs our skin gently

The freshness of the beach perfumes the air

And the tide ebbs now and then

This is summer joy:

Time whizzes past

Those swimming did with less energy

Those tanning slept soundly

Those playing did gaily

Pets were active and joyous

And chirping birds sang nonstop

A sudden hail invades in high degrees

And a gripping eerie sensation raised our heartbeats

Where did summer joy go?

A massive ominous cloud hovers above… miles wide

The huge frozen rain dealt us terrible blows

And we ran for our dear lives

Yes, we ran helter-skelter for our lives

Where did summer joy go?

Copyright © 2016 by Love Talk

All rights reserved.

This post is in response to the daily prompt: Sudden Shift

19 responses to “Daily Prompt: Sudden Shift

  1. Great poem! ☺ I remember something similar few years ago in April. We witnessed all seasons in one day. A beautiful sunny day, rain and snow. But for April this is just something “normal” ☺

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