Telling a lie to your partner



Telling a lie to your partner just because you want to communicate or make them feel proud of you truncates the growth of your relationship. The consequence is devastating, except they live a life of lies as well. Even liars get angry when they realize that someone has lied to them.

In any way, telling a lie to your partner kills the trust they have for you whenever they realize what you have done. Once trust is dead in your relationship, your communication dies too and then comes gradual rejection, and then a total breakdown of your relationship if nothing drastic is done to change the situation.

Carrying your partner along is all about opening up to them in every activity within and outside your home, and ensuring that you are on the same page. Anything short of that may put you in a tight situation where you have to lie to your partner in order to maintain what you share.

The truth is that by making the choice to tell one lie, just one lie, you will keep telling lies to conceal it, and your attitude may even change for the worse.

Not carrying your spouse along may force you to keep secrets and all you do in such a state is to tell lies and behave in strange ways which may make your partner to be afraid of you instead of to be in love with you. Avoid this kind of behaviour by being open to your partner from day one of your relationship with them. You will have nothing to hide if you have been sincere from the beginning, and you may not have any cause to be weird.


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4 responses to “Telling a lie to your partner

  1. My husband has a great explanation for why not to tell lie and it’s a deep true. When you telling lies you need to remember alk the versions of it, but telling a truth you need to remember only that one.
    Have a blessed day!

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