Daily Prompt: Quirky Of Habit




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Quirky, quirky habit:

The negative effect beats the positive

And I hate it

‘Cause of how you do it

Quirky, quirky habit!

I hate it when you click your mouth after every bite

When you spew saliva as you talk

When you change the topic of discussion

And leave me feeling like a dunce

Quirky, quirky habit!

You cannot eat bread with a fork and knife

You can’t sneeze at my face without an apology

And still think I’ll like you

Quirky, quirky habit

Yes, it’s your habit

But I like it

When you know how it affects me

Copyright © 2016 by Love Talk

All rights reserved.

This post is in response to the daily prompt: Quirky of Habit

7 responses to “Daily Prompt: Quirky Of Habit

  1. Ah, you’re so right. I also disdain bad table manners! Enjoyed reading this short yet creative poem. Thanks for stopping by at my blog and leaving so many likes!! 🙂 So nice of you.

    Liked by 2 people

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