Daily Prompt: Alma Mater


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Hello everyone, it’s indeed an honour to speak to you

It’s been almost seven years to the day that I graduated from this college

And I still remember a lot of things about that day

 I remember I didn’t remember anything the commencement speaker said

To make this commencement speech memorable, I’ll make it short

The university slogan says: You are the good leaders of Tomorrow

I like it, and today there are about 15000 students graduating from here

If each of you become a good leader in your line of career

That means that 15000 different organizations would be affected positively

And if each organization has an average of 2000 employees

That means 15000 of you would affect over 30 million employees’ lives in your lifetime.

If these 30 million employees positively affect two lives in their lifetime

That means you would have affected 90 million lives in your lifetime

Think about that. Think about your actions and how they affect people. Think about how the people affected by you affect others with what you have affected them with

The thing is: Be good leaders of tomorrow because how your actions affect others matter a lot especially in making the world a better place

I want you to remember that


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The Stranger On The Phone Part 6 (Short Story)

“I banged the door, and two security men came to my rescue. They looked everywhere, but they did not find anyone. I decided to leave the hotel in their presence.”

“That was a smart move.”

“I thought it was until I got another call from Jack while I was about to leave the hotel. I asked one of the men to answer the call on my behalf. He was obliged to do it because of my broken mood, but he put it on speaker.”

“That was good.”

“Yes, it was. I could listen to their conversation.”

“Their conversation? Did Jack talk to him?”

“Yes, he did. He even thought he had called a wrong number as soon as he heard a male’s voice.”

“Okay, go ahead I’m listening.”

He apologized, but he later found out that it was the right number. That was when he said what shocked me, and at the same time gave me a sense of relief.”

“What did he say?”

“He said we’d an appointment at 9 pm but that my number was engaged when he called at exactly that time.”

“Are you saying that there’s a ghost stalking you?”

“Something is definitely wrong. Something tells me that the second caller had nothing to do with the first.”

“Have you talked to him?”

“No, I’m scared.”

“Where’re you now?”

“I checked into Tilton hotel three hours ago. I just had a terrible nightmare, and I’m at the verge of running mad.”

No, don’t think about that. Has the first caller called again?”


“In that case, you need to summon courage and call the second caller. Send him a text if you can’t speak with him. Then get the police involved if the first caller tries to contact you again.”

“I will. Thanks mum.”

“I will do anything for you, my daughter. I love you.”

“I love you too, mum.”

“Go back to bed. Free your mind. Don’t think about the first caller since he has not called again.



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