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You may be mature, but you are still a child if you aren’t matured in mind to know the worth of being in love.


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10 responses to “Love Quote Of The Day

      • Trying is never-ending… but I haven’t yet witnessed or felt unconditional love… there would be not worth though I guess, because that’s what unconditional is about… not expecting anything in return, even the “nice” feeling of taking care of anyone, because it’s not done to make us feel nice…

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      • It’s a hard thing to do but it exists. The problem is that when you fall in love, you will expect to be loved as well. Another problem is that the criteria set by the society are limiting us from loving unconditionally. The truth is that one can still love someone without expecting anything from that person. And the whole love thing gets stronger if the other person loves back. Once we prepare out mind and take the step, then we are in and what follows afterwards is beautiful.

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