Just Air


star sun

Photo: courtesy: google

It’s just air!

Yes, air;

It occupies space

But we can’t see it

But use it,

Breath it,

Or will choke.

Just air!

Yes, air,

But we can’t do without it.

8 responses to “Just Air

  1. Air… we so need it to survive and inflate things to take us from here to there. We use it to fill things to let people know we care with slogans of well wishes and love sonnets. Air, we use it to breathe, to laugh, talk, and live. Air, is never just, it is very important, my dear! 😉 I enjoy coming to your page. You truly make me think and that’s always good. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your love, if you celebrate.

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    • Thanks Marypamela, I am glad you elaborated on this subject. Thanks for this huge support. I am inspired. Yes, air is really important in our lives, even though we cannot see or hold it. we, as humans, can do more good for ourselves. Happy Valentine’s to you and your loved ones. Have fun.

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  2. Air is sooooooooo amazing. I’m reminded of a saying that I always say to people “everything you see is not what you see”.
    When you think about air, we don’t see it at all yet it is so powerful and amazing.
    Great topic and post!

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