Daily Prompt: Thanks Hindsight


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Thanks hindsight!

Now I live in the present:

So much accomplishment;

I bask in contentment:

My yesterday’s strife holds me no more

But now my condiment for renewed strength

To live a hopeful future.

Thanks hindsight!

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Falling in Love

Getting married or living with loved ones is very important in life, to the extent that almost everyone feels the need to experience it at a certain point in his or her lifetime. This need comes in the form of a beautiful desire to belong, to love and feel loved, which are satisfied within a family and an intimate relationship. Happy Valentine’s day Everyone!



Love is the only truth that comes alive if what two people share is able to make them inseparable. This love is like a thin layer of cement put between two blocks to make them have a lasting connection. If cement needs water and sand to bind effectively, love needs devotion and respect to nurture intimacy between two partners. Just like the cement, love needs time to exhibit its full effect. Two people cannot start an affair today and claim they are in love today because they may be dealing with lust. Until two people have spent so much time together to be able to understand each other’s dos and don’ts, they are still far away from loving each other.

Consequently, the idea that two people may start a relationship because of “love-at-first-sight” only means that they approved of each other’s physical attributes, not that they fell in love with…

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