The Stranger On The Phone Part 8 (Short Story)

Jack had replied to her message. Goose pimple crinkled up her skin, and she sat down on the bed ready to run if something weird happened again. She clicked on the message in anxiety:

Hello Tricia,

It’s okay, Thomas told me you were busy. Thanks for the invitation. I love the idea and will be there. You’ve been on my mind, and I look forward to seeing you again. Take care.


She smiled, even though she felt like jumping up. She liked the fact that he had replied to her message, and that meant a lot to her especially now that she was looking for reasons to believe that he was human and had nothing to do with the mysterious caller.

She turned off the phone again and shoved it beneath the free pillow. Her mind was heavy with the inexplicable acts of her strange caller, and the more she thought about the lovely man she conversed with on the plane the more troubled she became.

She mooned about for several hours before she lay on the bed. In the morning she had a quick bath, applied some makeup, and looked glamorous in her side hairstyle, showing her beautiful neck and shoulder line. She wore a black jacket made of wool, hoping to get the best from her morning date with the man she admired so much.


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