Daily Prompt: World Best Widget


If I had the magical power,

I would build a time machine:

Go back in previous times

To be whom I had been as a child,

And then I would love and respect my parents

And take my studies seriously;

I would mingle with good friends,

Make people laugh

And become a responsible adult,

Not afraid to make mistakes;

I would show care to the needy

And be a good role model

To those that look up to me.

Copyright © 2016 by Love Talk

All rights reserved.

This post is in response to the daily prompt: World Best Widget

7 responses to “Daily Prompt: World Best Widget

    • Yeah, it’s the same here. There were lots of move I made many years ago that i would like to change if I had the means, but since i didn’t have it I have decided to find a way out to make them juicy. I think it’s working. I wish you the best in writing your autobiography.It’s a good move, and the fact that you can write about those things means that you have conquered their effects. Thanks Deb for stopping by and then commenting. I appreciate.

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