Unfaithfulness to Your Partner




Love is shared well by two people when they are in love with each other. When two people come together to start a relationship, they do so with the hope of being happy with each other, and many things go wrong when they do not attain this happiness. For most couples, unfaithfulness becomes their major problem in their relationship.


Unfaithfulness to your partner will make you to tell lies repeatedly, until they find out the truth. Your mind is divided when you think of two people at the same time. The implication is that you will not be composed in handling your interactions with your partner. Such attitudes leave a big question mark on your partner’s mind and they will see a different you rather than the real person that they had fallen for.


Do not do what you will not want someone to do to you. The question is: Did you plan to lie to your partner prior to when you started your relationship? The answer is “no” for most couples.


Marriage or a relationship with someone you adore so much is enough to go well if both of you understand each other to the extent that you know what is required of you, how to romantically interact, how to argue constructively as well as attack whatever the issue is instead of attacking yourselves, and how to forgive and sincerely carry each other along.


The inability to meet up with those vital ingredients of a happy relationship leaves you with the possibility of thinking about other options which will make you drift away gradually from your partner.





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