Daily Prompt: Shape Up or Ship Out : A Letter To Procrastination.

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Hello Mr. Procrastination,

I thank you so much for your loyalty to me.

Truly, you have been my only friend

And I haven’t felt bored since I met you:

The other day we watched a movie for 5 hours;

Yesterday we were in a party for 8 hours,

Even though I will be writing my final year exam morrow.

You’ve helped me overcome boredom,

But why is it that you don’t like anything about my career?

Why is it that you always want me to lag behind when I’ve to do something important?

Over the years you’ve made me fail to meet deadlines in matters that put money in my pocket,

And till this day I’m broke but you seem to enjoy it.

Well, I don’t enjoy it.

I’ll like for you to support me in my career or ship out.

It’s either you’re my friend or you’re not.

Thanks for your understanding.

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This post is in response to the daily prompt: Shape up or ship out.