Daily Prompt: The Road Less Traveled


There were just two roads in the woods for me.

I saw that one was short and the other long,

The former was free and I clearly see;

Trip through the latter could take a yearlong.

I was confused which way to go in life:

Both roads were neatly tarred and beautiful,

But I feared that the ends were torn by strife

Or that I could face a tough life struggle.

I chose the shorter road though but was scared.

Halfway I realized it was less traveled:

“I’ve erred and can’t dare the end,” I declared.

“It’s short but lack what I need,” I grumbled.

My judgement had cost me time and effort,

Now I’ll retrace my path for my comfort.

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This post is in response to the daily prompt: The Road Less Traveled


Greed has a way of making you indulge in yourself so much that you may step away from your partner without realizing it, and the result is that you and your partner are not anymore on the same page.


In such a state, you are likely not to care enough because of your fixation on how to care for yourself first.


The bad thing with greed is that it may make you lose your goodwill, not plan well especially in terms of the money you and your partner make, and not have enough of everything you have. You are likely to squander what you have without any plan for the future, borrow from your partner and other sources in order to satisfy your voracious desire.


Avoid being greedy by thinking more about you and your partner instead of yourself. By doing that you will be in a good state to plan well for the future growth of your relationship and still have your goodwill intact.



Copyright © 2016 by Love Talk

All rights reserved.