Daily Prompt: Counting Voices


When I speak alone, I’m alone:

My voice returns to me in a boring monotone;

I’m not crazy but I’m on my own,

But who knows what I’m? I’m alone.

When I speak with you, I’m with you:

My voice is heard; yours is heard too.

In silence I listen to what is true or untrue

But I admire your IQ;

You make me think something new.

When I speak with them, I’m with them:

Their voices don’t rhyme but words can make a poem

And I can sway without causing any mayhem,

But they’ll know too that I’m a rare gem.

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This post is in response to the daily prompt. Counting Voices

The Stranger On The Phone Part 11 (Short Story)

An ambulance arrived in a few minutes about the same time as a police van. Tricia stepped aside and two of the paramedics bent to attend to him. At the same time, a policeman approached her. Another policeman engaged Cem in a talk about the incident.

“My name is Sam,” one of the paramedics with the victim said. “You’ve been in a motor accident. Answer me without moving your head. We don’t know if you’ve a neck injury. Who’re you?”

“Jack White,” he mumbled, and the other man wrote it down on a notebook.

“Where’re you?”


“What time of the day is this?”

“It’s dark.”


“Excuse me, madam, can I ask you some questions about the accident?” the uniformed man with Tricia said.

“Feel free.”

“My name is Baris.”


“Do you know him?”

“We met for the first time shortly before the unpleasant incident. It happened about 20 minutes ago.”


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The True Test Of Your Understanding Of Your Partner


quote 9


Understanding your partner is very important, but most couples think that they understand themselves simply because they have lived together for a few years without engaging in any quarrel.

Ask yourself, how will I behave when my partner does something very bad to me? Will I give them the chance to clarify things, or will I just assume that we do not have anything in common anymore?

The true test of your understanding of your partner usually comes when they hurt you and you are in a situation to either end the relationship or seek for the reason why they behaved the way they did, despite the love both of you share.

Taking out time to ask questions about the strange behaviour of your spouse towards you, and seeking possible solutions if necessary can help put you in a good state to decide what to do about your relationship.


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