Ask Yourself What Went Wrong



Sometimes, your partner can change or become something else because of the way you behave.

Therefore, accessing yourself when your partner does something you never expected of them before losing your temper is an indication that you have the maturity required to live a healthy relationship.

Maturity in marriage is not about your age but your ability to see true problems, tell where they sprouted from, and having the zeal to seek the necessary remedies instead of letting them break you.

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15 responses to “Ask Yourself What Went Wrong

  1. Great post! After 56 years of marriage, I can assure all that read this, that if we react and correct the problem that caused the attack, your marriage is on the right track.
    Thanks for sharing a very important lesson in a happy marriage.

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  2. Well this is an area I have improved in. I am most proud of myself when (as you suggested) I take a step back to truly look at all areas od a situation before I act. It is the mature thing to do. However , there are those moments that it is sooo difficult to focus on anything but the infraction committed against you. It is at then that I must remember this post. 🙂 Thank you.

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