4 responses to “LET’S PLAY (PUZZLE OF THE DAY)

  1. Bring the goat across the river. Take the yam across the river but don’t leave it with the goat, take the goat back to the lion. So it’s only the yam left across the river but also rake the lion across the river so it doesnt eat the goat.. so you now have the lion and the yam across. you can now bring back the goat across the river

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  2. Here’s an excerp from my river crossing puzzle post

    Still one more African version of the problem is found only among the Ila (Zambia). The striking difference is that it involves four items to be transported: a leopard, a goat, a rat, and a basket of corn. The boat can hold just the man and one of these. This problem exemplifies the interrelationship of culture and logical constraints. After considering leaving behind the rat or leopard (and thus reducing the problem to one that can be solved logically), the man’s decision is that since both animals are to him as children, he will forego the river crossing and remain where he is!

    Here’s the complete post if you’re interested


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