Daily Prompt: Screen




If I were her hubby, I’d be lovely,

Make her my queen, her looks sixteen and clean;

I’d gild her crown, take her to town with glee,

Sing and cling to her, as seen on the screen.

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This post is in response to the daily prompt: Screen

37 responses to “Daily Prompt: Screen

    • Sometimes how we behave to our partners shape their character in favour of or against us. If she is a good person or that her heart is with you, she will reciprocate positively when you dote on her tenderly. If her heart is not with you, she will not feel the love you dote on her. In that case, you should know what to do next.


      • The other way round is very interesting because women have the master key to the workability of any relationship. With a little care and considerateness to a man, a woman can string him along to any direction. Therefore, if a man defiles this idea then something is not right. Either his heart is not with her or that she’s caring but possessive and etc. Thank you for reading and commenting. You inspire me a lot.

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      • You are welcome. What if the women are not possessive but care for their children? Most women who are abused stay for the sake of their children or even love their husbands and even for their love for Jesus. They know the meaning of loyalty and compassion. Should they walk away?

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      • The problem with women that care for their children in marriage is that they put their children first before their husband. To tell you the truth, no man likes this and no man wants to make a woman special when the woman makes him second in the home. Most marriages have broken just because of the presence of children in the home. This is as a result of women taking the wrong step when they have company other than the man. the woman gives so much time to the children that they forget what they used to do with the man, or that they make the man start feeling like an outcast. Once that happens, that excitement that made the relationship will fade away. So the best way to care for one’s children is to not forget that they came from the union of a man and a woman. In that way, the man and the woman have to model a healthy relationship for the children so that they can carry on in that way when they leave home. In other words, the woman has to make the man first, and then both of then can now take care of their children the way they planned. The children can take care of themselves when they are 18. The bad thing with a woman putting her children first is that it will seem as if she is the owner of the kids while the man is just a means to have them. No man wants to have that feeling. And any man with such an awful feeling can never be proud to make the wife happy.


      • No, it doesn’t mean that. Nobody wants a bad thing in life. So a man that marries a woman needs a good thing and that was why he married her. The trouble in marriages start when one of the spouses does not appreciate the other enough to let him or her feel fulfilled enough to freely show gratitude for being held at high esteem. It’s not only when a couple abuse each other verbally that we could term the relationship an abusive one, but their behavior towards each other can be as well. In other words, one’s behaviour towards one’s spouse is enough to tell where one’s interest is in a relationship. And it hurts to realize that someone you married for a good thing in your life does not have interest in you, but in something else. That’s what makes most men or women abusive to their partners. They feel betrayed, and this makes them attack their partner and whatever that led to the distraction (in most cases, the children).

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      • Parenting is an important part of marriage and the main means of shaping children either in the positive or in the negative way. So there are always two sides to the coin when it comes to bringing up a child. The question is: How are you bringing up your child? Are you letting them know that you love them more than your spouse or that both of you love them equally? Or, are you fond of saying my children rather than saying our children? Are you telling them to be wary of your other half? Are you making them feel that you protect them from your other spouse? Above all, are you giving them the place meant for your other spouse, except when you are ready to have sex? If you do that, your spouse will feel used, and anyone that feels used can never be fulfilled. These little things in relationships or marriages make it look as if the presence of children or a pet in a home is a curse rather than a blessing. Parents should know their priorities, no matter what part of the world they live in. Children are the same everywhere, and it’s good to know that two people must be involved to have them. So, to follow that order two people own a child, not one person or the mother. In that order, a child will grow well when both parents raise them. Finally, the world will be a better place if people don’t involve in a relationship to have children and then let the presence of the children dissolve the relationship that formed them. It’s a pathetic situation in our world today, but it can still be corrected, especially by the women. I said women because they spend more time with their children than the men do.


      • It’s not just the women but both parties. But the fact remains that women spend more time with their children in most cases and that gives them an edge over their husband in terms of proximity towards their children. Do you know that a marriage would work if a woman wants it to, and it won’t if she doesn’t? That tells you the power that women possess. In terms of their feelings being used, I am of the opinion that such things happen only where they don’t have laws that protect women’s right. But in spite of that, women can still do a lot in their marriages if they know their priorities.


      • Women are the most powerful beings on earth. A relationship can not work if a woman does not approve of it. In fact, the success of any marriage depends on how the women feel about it.They are also more powerful in the social aspect because most of this shows, movies, concerts, theaters, and other fun-filled events wouldn’t thrive well if women weren’t interested. Soon they will be more powerful than men in the job world. so, in general, women are very powerful.


      • Is it different? Please, may I now what part of the world you live in? In the real sense, women have to say yes before a man can marry them. They have to say yes before a man can have sex with them. If a woman is forced to do any of these, it means her heart is not there and the implication is that the man will not enjoy that relationship or that sex. So her consent really matters, otherwise there’s no true satisfaction for the man even though he may have her for sexual gratification.

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      • Ok, now I see. You are correct; Asian women behave that way. But I think their behaviour have a discernible root from the way men treated them, doing everything to suppress them from exercising their full prowess, which in the real sense budges down to the fact that women are more powerful than men.

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      • Are those the only ways women contribute to the world? Women are unique and in this uniqueness they make the world a better place to live in. In other words, the contribution of women encompasses the meaning of life. You can’t quantify it, but can feel it and can never do without it.

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