3 responses to “LOVE QUOTE OF THE DAY

  1. I would wish to be this true, Paul… but many time the truth is, that after we achieve or got something/someone we don’t appreciate and cherish it like wr did before we wished to have it. It becomes many time casual. So I think it is not difficult to get something but the true “art” is, to value it by the same way we wished, yield to get it. Blessed day ☺

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    • You are very correct, Majka. The main issue here is that at the beginning of a relationship we are carried away by excitements and expectations, but in the later part our desires for our partner seem suppressed by familiarity and that’s where the problem starts. Truly, to keep cherishing your partner, you need to awaken all that gives both of you excitements. And as long as there’s love in your relationship, you can value each other strongly daily. This familiarity is all about knowing the positive and off-putting deeds of your partner, and in most cases one feels something casual for one’s partner if the latter outweighs the former. Have a blessed day too, Majka. And thank you so much for reading and commenting. I really appreciate.

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