LOVE TALK OF THE WEEK: Choosing Your Partner


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Choose your partner carefully because from this decision you will have either happiness or misery.


The first thing to bear in mind when you choose a partner is that you are choosing many things: your intimate partner; your talking buddy; your eating companion; your parenting partner; your career counselor; your travel, leisure, and retirement friend; and someone you will see when you are in your best and bad moods.


Being aware of that is like being aware of what you want to go into, and it will serve as a guide in any decision you want to take.


You can use these ten-point checks to make your choice: I will post each one every week. Stay tuned.



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17 responses to “LOVE TALK OF THE WEEK: Choosing Your Partner

    • Too much of everything is bad. Be cautious if you want but ensure that you don’t miss the point and the qualities you are looking for in your partner. Choosing a partner does not necessary require you to take too long to make your choice, rather it demands that you try to be considerate in your assessment without attaching any sentiments because it’s that sentiment that make you make the wrong choices.


  1. People nowadays are not trying to fall in love.. They are just trying to fall out of their loneliness.. So that makes them rush into things.. They don’t care to stop and judge .they just take a move. If things go good, well and fine..If they don’t, they just move out of the relationship.. While searching a partner, we normally prefer to see just another version of ourselves- maybe a little different, a modified version.. Basically we should just stop and see if that person actually understands us..If we actually understand them..Or is he ready to accept the real us- the ‘crazy’ us.. To accept us as a whole with all our flaws and goodness.. To know if a person can actually be our partner, we should try and know ourselves first..A better understanding of our own selves will help us find if we are going for the right person or not.. We will know what exactly we want.. So that neither do we appeal to get dominated by anyone, nor do we keep high expectations from the person..

    BTW nice one..A must read for everyone 🙂

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