Daily Prompt: Scars



If all scars were habits, step away from those scars that make you stop living and lean on those supports that make you start surviving.


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This post is in response to the daily prompt: Scars

4 responses to “Daily Prompt: Scars

    • Many of us are weighed down by the overburdens in our lives. These overburdens could be pain from a broken relationship, injuries from our mistakes, illnesses that result from the things we indulge in, regrets, bruises, etc. These are scars that live with us daily, and sometimes they become our habits when they interfere with our daily positive activities. We don’t have to keep brooding in the past, or doing those things that are making us sick and hopeless about the future. As a solution, we have to anchor on those things that bring back hope in our lives, make us healthy, and eager to make headway in life. I hope it’s clear now, but let me know if it’s not. Thank you sir for reading and commenting. I really appreciate.

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