13 responses to “Love Quote Of The Day

  1. So true, Paul. I can really relate to this because I experienced it. In our relationships we don’t need to be philosophers and try always “educate” our spouses. It can be very uncomfortable and create later gaps in communication.

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    • Hey Majka, you have hit the right point: We should never be philosophers and try to educate our spouses because we have higher education than them. That says it all. Most relationships have ceased to exist because of such careless acts. Thank you for your support. How are you today? I hope you are doing fine and are ready for tomorrow? Have a nice start in the new week.

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      • You are very welcome, Paul ☺ My morning is busy because afternoon I will have few classes so I am trying to do the stuff around the house now. But it is a nice sunny day so far ☺ How is your Sunday, Paul?

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      • Ok, that’s good, Majka. I am glad you’re in control of the situation. It’s sunny here, too. I am getting ready to hang out in the sun with friends. Yesterday, I was in a concert and I didn’t go to bed early. Today, I woke up early to go to church. Then I went back to bed as soon as I returned. It’s been moving smoothly so far.I will just hangout in the sun for a while before heading to my Salsa dance class later in the evening. Have a great time in class, Majka.

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