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  1. I like the post, but the following statement makes me feel very sad, “lonely people want someone to remind them that they’re useful and exist.” This sounds like someone with very low self esteem, and has nothing to do with loneliness or love. But that’s just my opinion.

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    • Hey Mary, thank you for your intelligent comment. I like it. One thing with being lonely is that there’s a need to mingle. In reality there’re many people who are lonely, even when they are married or in a relationship. The truth is, we want to feel loved, especially when we’re in love. But not everyone in love feels this love, probably because of what their partner feels for them. No matter our self worth, living with loved ones is very important in life to the extent that almost everyone feels the need to experience it at a certain point in their lifetime. This need comes in the form of a beautiful desire to belong, to love, and to feel loved, which are satisfied within a family and an intimate relationship. What do you think? Please let me know.

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      • I agree that people need to feel love and be loved, but love will not always set you free. You are right some people are lonely in a marriage, a relationship or even a crowded room, but telling someone you love them might not alleviate the loneliness for everyone. Some people may not love themselves, and no matter what their partners tell them they will feel that they are not deserving of that love. But that statement has nothing to do with love, and everything to do with self-esteem. Something may have happened in their past that affects their present outlook. They have to find something beautiful and deserving to love in themselves before they can accept love from others. Loneliness is an emotional and mental response when people stop communicating with each other or doing things together. Some people’s loneliness may turn into depression. I’m not a psychologist, so I’ll just stop here and get off my soap box. 🙂

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      • Everyone wants someone special to make them feel special…This doesn’t mean that they don’t love themselves. In fact, one won’t even think about feeling special, or expect someone to make them feel special, if one does not like or value oneself. So, the whole essence of wanting to feel special begins first when you have already had a high esteem for yourself. That statement has nothing to do with loneliness, but it has everything to do with having the desire to fulfill the fundamental purpose of life. And the truth is: We all need someone who is able to fit into this special consciousness in us, and that’s why we don’t just start dating anyone else but someone we think can make us feel exactly how we feel in us, or how we have felt for ourselves. More so, the second statement: “That need to feel special is like the hunger…”, has something to do with loneliness, but it’s a reminder that we are always special, since you cannot be reminded of something you didn’t feel or think about earlier. So, sometimes, in reality people may experience loneliness when they want to be with someone else, but because of the search for true love (That person that makes us want to share our unique self) we may be on our own for a long time. Most people control this situation very well, but some don’t and the consequence may lead to depression. For those that control it well, they feel a renewed strength when they finally get to meet this one person that makes them want to go the extra mile to show or express their self worth. Everyone is special and exist for something beautiful, but the fact remains that some people don’t think they do, probably because of something that happened in their lives in the past. To such people, they have to reconcile with themselves before they can have room in themselves to accommodate love from someone, just as you noted in your comment. Truly, “Loneliness is an emotional and mental response when people stop communicating with each other or doing things together”. In that case, the feeling of loneliness comes when we want to mingle, but because of some circumstances on our way we confine to ourselves. That goes a long way to tell the importance of having this one person that fits into our plan and what we think of ourselves; that goes a long way to show that we may begin to think otherwise about ourselves or feel rejection, when we stay on our own for a long time. All in all, we’re all special and like to exercise this quality more when we find someone whose quality is in sync with ours. Thank you, Mary. I hope I have been able to clarify the words in the quote. Please let me know what you think.


      • How do you explain divorce then with your logic? 🙂 Some people settle because they don’t want to be alone, not because they’ve found their true love. I agree with you on certain points, but disagree on love conquering all. Also agree that some people may love themselves when they enter into marriage, while others just don’t want to end up alone. The reason I make that statement is not on a whim, but I’ve heard it again and again from people of low self esteem say that although their significant other or husband gave them compliments and told them that they loved them, they did not believe it. At the beginning of the courtship they fell in love, they got married and were very happy. As time went on and they started a family, the wife gained weight and began to hate how she looked, but her husband still love her. He told her everyday how beautiful she was and how much he loved her, but those sentiments fell on deaf ears, because she was looking at her outside. The husband loved her inside, but no matter how he tried to show her what he loved about her, she wasn’t happy. A distance yawned between them until she begin to love herself again. You can’t accept love until you love yourself. I think we’re basically saying the same thing, just saying it differently. 🙂 Have a blessed day.

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      • I think we are on the same platform. Our arguments are heading towards the same conclusion that you must love yourself first before you can be receptive to love. Surely, you can’t give what you don’t have or receive what you don’t have space for inside you. The truth about divorce and marriage is that they go hand-in-hand. And that’s why most people don’t understand how it works. Marriage usually starts when people (Whether sincere or not) come together because of the chemistry they have for each other. This union usually starts with excitements. And sometimes these excitements make both of them think they are in love with each other when they are only lusting after each other. As the relationship continues, the excitement begins to wear off when they start living together and become aware of the positive and negative facts about themselves. In other words, time plays a major role here. And that’s when familiarity sets in. All that familiarity does is to make a couple know the ins and outs about each other. This is when the actual relationship starts because they will have problems as soon as one of them finds the negative facts about the other person a distraction. They will fall in love if they can cope at this point, or fall out if they can’t. Their real marriage begins when they fall in love after being familiar with each other. In that case, love needs time to grow. It needs a test of both positive and off-putting deeds of two people. Lust doesn’t need time, and most couples think they are in love when they start a relationship when it’s actually lust they are dealing with. So, that woman that do not accept what her husband says because of her true looks doesn’t love the husband enough to know that he loves her truly and he’s sincere about it. She struggles with the truth until she finds a balance between what she feels for him and what he feels for her. At that point, she suddenly begins to accept the fact that he actually appreciates her off-putting qualities. In both illustrations, time plays a major role. Thanks Mary for your excellent contributions. I really appreciate your support. Lest I forget, I will like for your to read my two books on relationship, “I know Why you broke up with your spouse” and “Mary Me: How You Make Love to me”. You will know a lot about how divorce works and what actually leads to it. Thanks so much. And have a blessed day, too.

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