Daily Prompt: Music




You don’t need to know how to sing to know how to enjoy good music. You can’t get enough of it though, but it bridges the gap of what you can’t get enough of.

Dance if you can,

Or sing thy song

And let people dance

And have fun.


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This post is in response to the daily prompt: Music

LOVE TALK OF THE WEEK: Choosing A Partner




The equality issue

Love is better served when two people play it with a mindset that they are equal, not when one thinks that the other is a servant.

Studies have shown that a master-servant relationship is not the best route to happiness.

You cannot give your best in a relationship where you think you are the master (Main Character) and your partner is the servant.

More so, you cannot feel fulfilled in a relationship when you think you are being used as a servant because you will feel used.

Never start a relationship with anyone who believes he or she is doing you a favour by opting to date you.


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