2 responses to “Love Quote Of The Day

  1. How we interact is so important… however would that make them a bad spouse…? Hmm… more of a weakness I think. I’m not too good at communication/interaction myself 😓

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    • Interaction is the key to every relationship. And all that people desire from any interaction are good feelings and fulfillment. Anything short of that is termed bad, even though it was as a result of a particular weakness. The truth is that what one’s partner feels after interacting with one is an embodiment of who one is. All in all, our communication with our spouse can either be good or bad. I think everyone is good at communication and interaction, especially if it has to do with one’s partner. The ability to interact well with your spouse has a lot to do with how you feel about him or her, and how he or she feels about you. In order words, it has a lot to do with how confident you’re to confide in that person. This confidence comes from how intimate you are, and this intimacy is as a result of what you share in common and the bond that exist between both of you.


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