I am pleased to have you here. This is the right site for you if you want to learn more about how to engage in a healthy relationship with your partner. The topics center on the insignificant things that put a strain in a relationship, and how to safely navigate around them.

I am the Author of the books: Marry Me: How You Make Love to Me, I Know Why You Broke Up with your Spouse, White Man’s Footprint, and Ladies of The Woods.

I am also an Engineer. I had my MSc. in Metallurgical Engineering Department in a university in Germany, and I majored in Materials Science of Steel. 

I love to write. In fact, it’s the best way I sing.

My quest to reach out to people made me become a blogger hence the birth of lovehappily@luvtalk

As the name implies, the blog is all about love. Yes, love. I am sure I have a word of advise for anyone who wants to be happily in love.

Enjoy your visit to my blog. I believe there must be tips to take away.









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  1. This is an excellent mission you are undertaking Paul. If the family is fine, society will be fine and if every society is fine the world will be fine. The starting point is the couple. If a couple is fine their family will be fine and that will lead to a fine world. Courage in your blogging.

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  3. Hi Paul,
    I love the idea of your blog and can’t wait to read more. The world needs more people like you!
    Thank you for creating a blog with such a noble cause and putting some hope, optimism and positivity into the world.

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  5. It’s so nice to meet you!
    Thank you so much for visiting my blog!
    I hope I’ll find enough time to visit yours frequently – I’ve read a few posts and I find them full of wisdom and warmth that is needed so much these days.
    Thank you!
    Emilia C.

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  6. I LOVE the subject. Thanks for visiting and liking some of my posts. It just so happens that during this month of February, my theme is love, sex, romance, and related themes because of Valentine’s Day in the calendar. Although there is also President’s Day and I just learned that February is considered Black Appreciation month, I had already planned to do my current themes based on Valentine’s Day. As you saw, however, it’s not always sugar and spice and everything nice. Thanks again for coming over.

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  7. Beautiful blog with beautiful words and very helpful to keep our minds positive. Wish you a lot of positive people in your life and a lot of great inspirations for your writings.

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  8. What a wonderful blog. How can anyone not love a blog about love? As cliched as it sounds it really does make the world go round. Love what I’ve seen so far. Thanks for visiting my blog so I could find you. Cheers from Australia.

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  9. Hi, I found your blog from an award nomination. Read some of your post. It’s so nice and also very much helpful. I like most the relationship page. Tips are awesome and focused to the genuine problems of daily life. have enjoyed your blog very much and from now I’m following you.

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    • Hey Majka, thank you for checking on me. I have been very busy with a project. You just made me realize how far I have moved away from every other thing and everyone I relate with. I am so sorry and I am going to make up for every moment I lost in the bloggosphere. I missed your presence and your beautiful post that always give me something good to think about. Thank you for being there and I am going to start posting right away. I will be in your blog later in the day. Take care, and have a great week.

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      • Hi Paul ☺I am glad you are alright and you were just busy. I am going to acompany my husband for his last game today (chess tournament) so I will be away, but I wish you a wonderful Sunday and see you soon ☺

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      • Thank you, Majka. It was nice to hear from you. How did the chess tournament go? I hope he won the game? Your presence will help a lot to empower him. Send my regards to him, and see you soon. Enjoy the rest of the day.

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      • He won the last game, but he came 4th for this tournament, he could win it, if he would win one more game. But the next is in May so… we will see ☺ After the tournament we went for pizza and then related home. How was your Sunday, Paul?

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      • Wow, great! I am glad he’s still in the game. There’s hope. That was fine, I like your togetherness. My Sunday was great. In the evening I was at a dance class, learning South American dance steps. It was all fun-filled and I really enjoyed myself. I have missed reading your posts and I can’t wait to see all the ones I missed. Have a blissful day, Majka.

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      • The dance classes sound great! 😀 I am glad you enjoyed your Sunday. Well you did not miss that much, I was pretty busy as well. ☺ Have a great day, Paul!

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      • Thanks, Paul ☺ My night was restful and I feel fine. The classes are very nice, I am getting each day very nice students and also kids, Japanese are very humble and appreciate the classes a lot.

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      • I think Japanese are, when you consider those chinese who’re not educated. I can’t stop admiring the educated Chinese. When I was doing my Maters in engineering, I had thirty Chinese in my class and I was tempted to just relocate to China and live the rest of my life. Their behaviour was beautiful.

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