The True Test Of Your Understanding Of Your Partner


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Understanding your partner is very important, but most couples think that they understand themselves simply because they have lived together for a few years without engaging in any quarrel.

Ask yourself, how will I behave when my partner does something very bad to me? Will I give them the chance to clarify things, or will I just assume that we do not have anything in common anymore?

The true test of your understanding of your partner usually comes when they hurt you and you are in a situation to either end the relationship or seek for the reason why they behaved the way they did, despite the love both of you share.

Taking out time to ask questions about the strange behaviour of your spouse towards you, and seeking possible solutions if necessary can help put you in a good state to decide what to do about your relationship.


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Greed has a way of making you indulge in yourself so much that you may step away from your partner without realizing it, and the result is that you and your partner are not anymore on the same page.


In such a state, you are likely not to care enough because of your fixation on how to care for yourself first.


The bad thing with greed is that it may make you lose your goodwill, not plan well especially in terms of the money you and your partner make, and not have enough of everything you have. You are likely to squander what you have without any plan for the future, borrow from your partner and other sources in order to satisfy your voracious desire.


Avoid being greedy by thinking more about you and your partner instead of yourself. By doing that you will be in a good state to plan well for the future growth of your relationship and still have your goodwill intact.



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Telling a lie to your partner



Telling a lie to your partner just because you want to communicate or make them feel proud of you truncates the growth of your relationship. The consequence is devastating, except they live a life of lies as well. Even liars get angry when they realize that someone has lied to them.

In any way, telling a lie to your partner kills the trust they have for you whenever they realize what you have done. Once trust is dead in your relationship, your communication dies too and then comes gradual rejection, and then a total breakdown of your relationship if nothing drastic is done to change the situation.

Carrying your partner along is all about opening up to them in every activity within and outside your home, and ensuring that you are on the same page. Anything short of that may put you in a tight situation where you have to lie to your partner in order to maintain what you share.

The truth is that by making the choice to tell one lie, just one lie, you will keep telling lies to conceal it, and your attitude may even change for the worse.

Not carrying your spouse along may force you to keep secrets and all you do in such a state is to tell lies and behave in strange ways which may make your partner to be afraid of you instead of to be in love with you. Avoid this kind of behaviour by being open to your partner from day one of your relationship with them. You will have nothing to hide if you have been sincere from the beginning, and you may not have any cause to be weird.


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Sharing Your Problems and Listening to Your Partner





Your personal problems are a part of you, and you have the choice to share them with your partner or keep them to yourself. The truth about keeping them to yourself when you have a partner is that both of you are not close, and that may tell a lot about how happy you are in your relationship.


Sharing can only come about between two or more people who are willing to share; you can’t force it. But what are partners for? Relationship is about two people, and these two people must be able to carry each other along before they can be on the same page and be able to nurture their union in a way that encourages intimacy.


Sharing your problems with someone you love can make you feel good if they listen, empathize with you whether good or bad, and help proffer solutions when needed.


Shutting down your partner or cleverly changing their topic of discussion may look little and simple, but it is as damaging to your relationship as it is hurtful to their feelings.


Listening to whatever your partner has to say before speaking is a good attitude for the growth of your relationship because it will give them the impression that you love, respect, and appreciate them.


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Going to a cinema or a show with your partner, even though you don’t really want to see the film or the show yourself.


A small, caring gesture.


It’s an act of kindness that can make your partner feel that you are considerate.

A small act like that can help demonstrate unselfishness.

It can show commitment, improve communication, achieve compromise, and even resolve conflicts.

Above all, it can show that you care.


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Vulnerability in a Relationship



Vulnerability is seen as a weakness, but it can be an advantage in a relationship because it gives a couple the opportunities to show who they are without fear of being hurt or taken advantage of.

In other words, vulnerability is your willingness to allow your partner to see you the way you are without making them feel the need to do anything about it.

The positive side of it is when your partner allows you to be who you are and takes you for it. You do not have to tell them everything about you before they can tell who you are. But they need to work towards being intimate with you to make you to be willing to allow them see every part of you, and what you are capable of.

Someone who is not close to you or who does not have confidence in you may not want to show you everything about them. So, how you relate with your partner will definitely affect how they will lean towards you.


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Romantic couple drinking tea in front of lit fireplace


Making a cup of tea for one’s partner.


A small, caring gesture.


This is just one of a number of little acts of kindness that can help a relationship thrive.

According to the OnePlusOne charity, such small acts “demonstrate commitment, improve communication, show we care, achieve compromise and even resolve conflicts”.

All that just from giving someone a cup of tea they probably didn’t want in the first place?

What if you hate each other? Wouldn’t it just be annoying?


The idea is to prevent the problems that lead to marital breakdown by keeping your partnership strong.


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