Interaction (Romance)




You may like to talk to your partner but your manner of expression and the content of what you say matter a lot.

Your ability to be romantic to your partner in terms of your tone and gestures make positive impacts, which have the effect of stringing them towards you. In other words, using a gentle voice, infectious eye-contacts, and tender strokes can help direct the attention of your partner and make them react in a way beneficial to you.

Give your partner a unique name if you can because how you call and approach them can either put them in a relaxing or tensed mood, depending on how you go about it.

The idea is for both of you to fall in love with each other and become inseparable because only on that platform you can see yourselves as one, and be more inclined to making amends rather than calling it quits in times of disagreements.


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How do you interact so that your relationship or marriage can move forward? (Part 2)


To interact with your spouse effectively, you must first do the followings:


Acceptance is your willingness to take that person for who they are, and what they are able to do because you know who they truly are. This is like knowing that the person is unique and that their deeds are like an expression of how unique they are. With such an idea, you will find them and all that they do very interesting, since you will not find fault in their actions.


Trust is the assurance you have that your partner is who you think he or she really is. It is not who you think they are going to be in the future. Trust balances your mind on a flat base, where you think that your partner will behave in a particular way especially in a way that will make you feel safe and proud, no matter the situation the person is in.



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How do you interact so that your relationship or marriage can move forward? (Part 1)




How you interact with your partner can determine how happy or sad both of you are going to be. Wrong interactions between a couple can make them doubt the purpose of their union and if they ever liked each other before they came together.

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You Have Found Your Dream Partner, What Happens Next?





The idea that you have finally settled down with your dream partner is not enough to give you the happiness you desire in your relationship, but your readiness to do everything possible to keep that person, bearing in mind that you are together to have only the fulfillment that comes when you are happy together.  Continue reading

What Happens Next After An Argument With Your Partner?




After an argument with your partner, do not withdraw into a protective but uncomfortable bubble where you say things like “I will never bother you again from this day onward, or stay away from me, okay?”

In such a mode, you will end up keeping malice with your partner for a while, treating him or her with lack of commitment, or detaching gradually by giving your time to something new.

The danger of taking such an ugly stance in your relationship is that you may never be the same again when you step out of your uncomfortable safe-haven. Such behaviour will send the wrong message to your partner, and for that reason the person may withdraw from you. The consequence is a partner who does not care for you anymore.

Be careful with your utterances in times of arguments with your partner. There’s the tendency that your partner will reflect on whatever word you have uttered, and that might help the person to know exactly what he or she is worth in your life.


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Don’t overlook the influence of pride in your relationship.

Pride fortifies the idea that makes you feel that your partner does not deserve an apology from you, perhaps because of your status or influence in your relationship.

Take charge of your pride and do not let it control you if you really want to take responsibilities for your actions and make amends. It prevents you from adopting simple things which can help resolve simple problems in your home.

I have seen cases where spouses detest being the first to apologize to their other halves over slight arguments because of the fear of being seen as the weak ones.

There are also cases of spouses who refused to apologize for their wrongs to prove that their actions were right, or to play hard-to-get to their partners.

One thing should be clear: Relationship or Marriage is not a game of two people who did clever things individually to win, but a union of two people who did things together as if they were one.

Treat your partner the way you will want anyone to treat you, and you will know exactly what to do when you have issues in your home.






The problems you and your partner have would remain unresolved when you have done wrong and have refused to apologize.

This kind of behaviour causes friction in your relationship, and the consequence is detrimental to the growth of your union.

Small insignificant things matter.

For a healthy relationship, ensure that you take responsibilities for your actions and apologize in good time.

Don’t keep doing what you are sorry for.




Saying You Are Sorry

Saying Sorry


Be sure that you are truly sorry, and henceforth you are ready to do the right thing, if you must apologize for your wrongs. Saying you are sorry all the time over one problem can mean many things to your spouse:

Firstly, your spouse may think that you are taking him or her for granted and such feelings have the power of making the person to not see anything good in what you are doing because you are not on the same page. The person might take you for granted as well, or react aggressively and an argument might ensue.

Lastly, you may be sending the message that you are not responsible, not good for any sane person, and not open to change, which most people are willing to do for the better way forward when they are with someone they cherish.

Different people can feel different things, but the result of singing “I’m sorry” all the time over one issue usually send wrong signals to your spouse.


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