Don’t sting the most stunning girl from heaven:

Her lightface is like gold but not stone-cold:

Eyes shine like stars, stars like eyes of the sun;

Bold smiles are her styles: virtue to behold.

This is the girl, down-to-earth on this earth:

Her embrace gives life; life gives her a face;

She likes childbirth, a virtue worth her worth:

Matchless grace, not found in a marketplace;

Human, one a human calls a woman,

Mum, yes a mum, even without a child,

For in her pain, she’s still sane and human;

In her heart, she’s a sweetheart to a child;

Don’t sting her, sing for her and marry her,

She’s humane, again a stunning creature.

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Daily Prompt: Longing For gravity


Photo: Courtesy: Unsplash.com

I live in this beautiful earth,

Full of life and daily childbirth,

So unique there’s no place like it,

Even if all I do is to baby-sit.

I long for gravity, ready for a mission to mars:

A world so different from ours

Where there’re no tars and streetcars.

Although I hope I could view the stars

And light a few cigars,

Otherwise my life in mars

Will leave me with regrettable scars.

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All rights reserved.

This post is in response to the daily prompt: Longing For Gravity