LOVE TALK OF THE WEEK: Choosing Your Partner


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Choose your partner carefully because from this decision you will have either happiness or misery.


The first thing to bear in mind when you choose a partner is that you are choosing many things: your intimate partner; your talking buddy; your eating companion; your parenting partner; your career counselor; your travel, leisure, and retirement friend; and someone you will see when you are in your best and bad moods.


Being aware of that is like being aware of what you want to go into, and it will serve as a guide in any decision you want to take.


You can use these ten-point checks to make your choice: I will post each one every week. Stay tuned.



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Love Talk Of The Week: What do you want from your partner?




All you want from your partner is happiness.

But sometimes there are obstacles that come along the way and try to make you feel something different.

You should let your partner still feel the love you have for them when you feel something different, not only when things go the way you want them to go.

The idea is that the love you give can still attract your partner towards you. In that way you will be close enough to affect them with the part you play in your relationship.

In other words, let your partner still feel the love you have for them during disputes.

With this mindset, you will be in the right position to seek solutions through dialogue rather than just calling it quit.

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Don’t sting the most stunning girl from heaven:

Her lightface is like gold but not stone-cold:

Eyes shine like stars, stars like eyes of the sun;

Bold smiles are her styles: virtue to behold.

This is the girl, down-to-earth on this earth:

Her embrace gives life; life gives her a face;

She likes childbirth, a virtue worth her worth:

Matchless grace, not found in a marketplace;

Human, one a human calls a woman,

Mum, yes a mum, even without a child,

For in her pain, she’s still sane and human;

In her heart, she’s a sweetheart to a child;

Don’t sting her, sing for her and marry her,

She’s humane, again a stunning creature.

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