Marriage or a lasting relationship is not a day’s journey.

Who you really are will be visible to your partner when you begin to live together.

Your partner will cry out if you are not interesting or if you are not the kind of person anyone can reckon with?

Is your best good enough to make your partner hanker for more of you?

You should be ready to give your very best in order to make your partner to have rest of mind. This is usually needed for them to keep having faith in you, and to have the strength needed to carry you along and to tolerate those things that are not so cool about you.

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The Stranger On The Phone Part 10 (Short Story)

“Someone please call the ambulance,” she cried out, and then calmed down as much as she could. “Are you all right?” she asked more than once, but he was unresponsive.

She sat down behind his head and stabilized it to avoid unnecessary movement. She took a quick look over his body but there was no visible injury. She checked the pulse on his throat and had a glimpse of hope as she felt something.

“You have been in an accident,” she began quietly, “It’s important that you don’t try to move. My name is Tricia. The ambulance is coming.”

The driver of the car Cem, a man with a svelte physique and wearing a pair of medicated glasses, stood silently before them feeling doubtful about what happened.


Copyright © 2016 by Love Talk

All rights reserved.